Wage garnishments can be a major obstacle to deal with if you are having to deal with them every pay period. Although struggling with debt and getting less money per paycheck than what you are accustomed to can be incredibly stressful to handle, getting terminated from your job due to wage garnishments can be even worse. While not a common occurrence, it is possible that your employer can terminate you due to wage garnishment. Although you have protections from being terminated if your wages are being garnished for one debt, you may face termination if your wages are being garnished by two or more debts. This is why you should spring into action and handle any issues pertaining to your wage garnishments as quickly as possible with the help of our experienced law firm.

What If I Get Terminated By My Employer?

Getting terminated by your employer for one debt that is garnishing your wages is unlawful and can be met with legal action. However, this circumstance rarely occurs. It can be difficult to defend yourself if two or more of your debts are being garnished from your wages. Your termination can be a springboard to even more financial debt and much harder roadblocks ahead. In either case, consulting with an experienced wage garnishment lawyer can help you put the breaks on wage garnishments from occurring through specific legal actions or even through bankruptcy.

What Can a Wage Garnishment Attorney Do to Protect Me?

First and foremost, a wage garnishment attorney can talk you through your legal options to ensure you are well equipped to understand your current situation. An attorney can help you gauge which solution is best for you and can explain it to you in a way you can clearly understand. Either by raising an objection to your wage garnishments or by helping you file for bankruptcy, a wage garnishment lawyer can help you no matter which option you choose.

How Beneficial Is It to Hire a Wage Garnishment Lawyer?

Keeping your job may be one of the most important ways to combat further financial debt. Especially if wage garnishments threaten your employment, you should take the time to reach out to our law firm to see how we can help. Handling many cases over the years, Steve Holland knows what it takes to get you the results you deserve. Pave your path to financial freedom with our help. Call Holland Law Office today at 970-232-3097 for a free consultation.