One of the most worrisome aspects of being up to your neck in debt is facing the possibility of being evicted from your home. Spending the majority of your life working towards owning your dream home and suddenly facing the prospects of getting kicked out, you may feel a strong sense of disappointment and anger. This is the sad reality for many people in your situation. Now more than ever, as the world tries to recover from the impact of COVID-19, people are being forced from their homes in record numbers. Through no fault of your own, you may be facing eviction. However, there are ways to defend yourself when facing an eviction. One of the most effective ways to combat an eviction is by contacting a Loveland foreclosure attorney that can help you keep your home, even in the interim. Give our law office a call today to see how we can help you with your foreclosure needs.

How Can I Retain My Home Following an Eviction Notice?

Eviction notices can be tough to stomach. You may feel like you’ve lost all hope when you are told you need to vacate your home within 30 days. However, filing for bankruptcy can help stop eviction proceedings by enacting the automatic stay on your eviction. An automatic stay acts as a legal tool that essentially freezes creditors from collecting a debt or repossessing your assets. The automatic stay through bankruptcy can prevent you from getting evicted from your home and give you the break you need to start building the next chapter of your life.

Why Should I Contact a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

With the stakes so high, it is critical to get as much legal support as you possibly can. Evictions can have a devastating impact on your life, especially if you have a family that you support. Having a rough over your family’s head should be your number one priority. By contacting a bankruptcy attorney in Loveland, CO. you are arming yourself with an ally that has experience in handling cases just like yours and can help you overcome obstacles, such as an eviction notice, head-on.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me Save My Home?

A strong and experienced foreclosure defense attorney can give you the representation you need to save your home, and in the process, save the well-being of your family. Make sure you fight for what you love with the help of our law firm. We know just how difficult times may be for you and we will do whatever it takes to make things right. Call Holland Law Office today at 970-232-3097 for a free consultation.